Whose Paintings are the Best?

Whose painting is the best Masterpiece in this age? There are numerous masterpieces in this age but what comes in the minds of people when thinking about paintings are the paintings of the “Renaissance Men”. In fact, there are more beautiful paintings than those since more talented people have already emerged but still the “Renaissance paintings” are considered to be honorable paintings in this age. However, in those days, these paintings were not that famous.

Let us look at the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, whose paintings are Monalisa, The Last Supper, The Lady with an Ermine, The Virgin and the Child,  and the others. If you take a look at his paintings, these are influenced by his religion, Roman Catholic. This is why there are a lot of his paintings revealing the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is the same with  the work of Michaelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam, The Last Judgment, Madona of Bruges and so forth. These great painters in history are so famous and their paintings are never forgotten. In fact, in this digital age, people just rely on computer when it comes to these kind of arts because people can pain using graphic design. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Medieval and Renaissance paintings are regarded as more valuable than the artworks of today regarding that in those days, there are not many tools to use for painting yet their paintings are breath-taking views. Adorable paintings are paintings done by human hands manually and not on computer.