The Art of Painting

When you look at a painting, how do you feel? Do you feel sad, happy, angry, in grief, or do you feel pity? Some of you may have no reaction at all when you see a painting. It is because not everyone was given the eyes to see and understand the meaning or message hidden in a painting. A person’s personality can be known and understood through his works. It is the same with a painter. His feelings toward others or something can be revealed through his artworks.

From local to international painters, the most important thing is that they convey a meaningful message  through their works. Even though they are all different in style and format, painting is still an art.

Most of the time, it’s hard to perceive or know the message hidden through a painting. We may come up with a meaning which is different from the real meaning which the painter wants to convey. That’s how painting as an art works! We can also think that a simple painting is just a painting. However, we don’t even know that the simpler a painting is, more meaning is actually hidden in it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Famous painters from around the world usually have a painting exhibition. Sometimes, an interested guest can buy the painting. So, painting is not just an art but also a business. If you have a talent in painting, make sure that you improve it. It will be very beneficial for you especially in the future.