The list and images of the most expensive paintings ever sold in an auction

The work of arts has become part of the lives of many people especially those who are the artists and others who work in related to art. There work of arts that have been produced is usually sold whether to private individuals or others who are interested in keeping them. There are many famous paintings around the world produced a long time ago. Their value is worth millions of dollars and they are being sold at auction. Let us see the list of most expensive paintings sold.

Here you can see the list and the image of the painting and also the estimated price of the sale. It is surprising to see some facts sometimes as we can assume that the famous artists are the ones whose works would be much expensive but the list above reveals a surprising fact. Even the less known painters’ works can be very much expensive. It is amazing how people can pay that much money to avail of the paintings and make it their property.

All the paintings here are old and others as they became older they became more famous and more expensive. But others that are not much known can be bought by buyers with millions worth of money. It is written in the infographic that the American artists have garnered the rank of the one who sold much together with Austrian and also Norwegian.  The image above is a part of the number one expensive painting in the infographic. Simply learn how to engage digital marketing, then your business will be no problem. having 八拓 technique is one of the things that you should learn. This is very effective and proven by many marketers.