Introducing another work of art: The 5 kinds of the famous Venetian masks

If you had heard of the famous carnival in Venice then you would also think of the maks that they wear. The feature of the carnival is the wearing of maks. It has been a long time tradition and that the wearing of masks became a work of art. It is not easy to make a maks that is very good quality and a better or best standard for its production. But in the country, they really have the mask makers who had been doing it for years.

Every year they produced thousands of aks for the local resident and for the tourists as well who wants to participate in the carnival and enjoy their time. In the infographic, you can see the different kinds of the five masks that are usually worn by those who attend the carnivals. They have a parade on the streets and perform as a way of celebrating the carnival. it is the time to see each of the masks created with art all came to life. An all in one cleaning service will be given to your home from this firm. Home service cleaning is one of the service that a family always look for. And this company will be a great choice.

Each kind of masks is explained on who usually wore it and how comfortable it is for eating and also if the one who wears it could be recognized easily. The maks above are without design as they are just plain in color but they could be full of design with detailed paintings of colors. You can see it when you will see an actual picture from the carnival. And a good housekeeping service is here to make your home be the best, see this site 清潔公司. They are very creative and have a certain mystery to it.