Key Steps to Analyze your Favorite Painting

Painting is a wonderful work of art. Every person has his own talent whether already discovered or is still to be discovered. Actually, this kind of talent is very special. Why? Emotion is needed. In other words, in order for an artist to paint a beautiful image, he must be in the mood. Through the artworks made by an artist, you can actually know better about him. Just make sure that you know how to analyze a painting in order to know a painter’s heart and mind.

Over the years, numerous paintings were made by different artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Pablo Picasso, etc. Not all can appreciate their paintings. However, even if it’s quite difficult to know and understand the message given through the painting, these paintings are continually being sold in the market. So, how can we analyze a painting, then? There are some key steps that we need to know so that we can find out the hidden message behind a painting especially your favorite one.

Through the infographics above, you can see that there are four key steps.

Step #1: Look at the technical aspects. The style and form of a painting differs from the others. According to the painter’s  mood and interest, a painting can have its own style and form.

Step #2: Decode its Iconography. Sometimes, symbols or icons can be seen through a painting. Look for it and try to analyze it so that you can understand the message.

Step #3: Formal aspects. The color, visual weight, lines, etc. that were used conveys different meanings.

Step #4: Aesthetic, social, and symbolic aspects. By checking these things, you can discover a historical meaning hidden in the painting.