Ancient Painting and Decorations that Caught People’s Eyes

Since the beginning of time, there had been a lot of artworks that were created. Especially in the ancient times, countless artworks were made. These artworks came from different parts of the world. Artworks such as paintings, sculpture, crafts, and others are displayed in different museums found all over the world. If you have eyes for these piece of work, you can easily appreciate it. Below is an infographic which shows the ancient paintings and decorations that caught people’s eyes.

There are different kinds of paintings such as abstract painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, bubble painting, spray painting, cotton swabs painting, trick art painting, etc. Through the use of the various techniques in painting, it can create unique, amazing, awesome, and beautiful artworks. In the ancient times, painted ceramics are very popular. Artists in the ancient times love to paint any kind of jar as well. That is why you can see in the art museums that there are colorfully-painted jars or ceramics. The ancient artists also apply various techniques in painting.

For example, in Greece, black background technique was applied where the shapes of natural red clay color was excluded. Various designs, shapes, scenes, etc. are included in the painting. For example, hunting scenes, narrative scenes, various animals are the basis of artwork and decorations for the ceramic painting. When we compare ancient painting and modern painting, there is a difference. There are more painting techniques nowadays than before. Even art painting tricks are being applied today. Like this, painting is a wonderful talent!