Basic Tips in Painting

Lots of people want to know how to paint using pastel, paint, and other material that is needed in the painting. Of course, you can paint any subject that interests you. In painting you should know all the brush strokes that makes up a painting.

In painting, one of the techniques is to use good materials such as good brushes. Frankly speaking, if you are going to use a brush you are not comfortable with, you will not be able to focus on beautifying your subject. As for the canvass, you can use any that you like. First, you have to make a sketch or draw a guide of your own painting. Use a pencil to make a sketch. Do it lightly so that it will be be obvious if you are going to coat the surface with a paint.

After drawing, start painting. If you have the three primary colors—Red, Blue, Yellow. Through these colors, you can create secondary colors and tertiary colors that are necessary in the drawing. Here is the technique: Start with the farthest view until the nearest view to you. So naturally the farthest should be the the upper part of the canvass. Of course, the canvass is just flat but take time to create a realistic one or 3D.

Now, in painting, you should know what type of brush strokes you use. Brush strokes such as dubbing, lining, and stippling. Use soft and bigger brush in dubbing and use the smallest brush for lining strokes.

Another technique is coating and using different colors for layers.